💵Referral Program

How it works for referrer?

As a referrer, you have the opportunity to earn ETH by referring others to the CrocBot platform. For every “buy” transaction made by your referrals, you’ll receive 1% of the total CROC token volume they purchase.

You just need to go to dashboard/referral and Click on "Copy ref link"

Exemple scenario: Your referrals, Alice and Bob, purchase $ 100,000 of tokens within a week.

  • Total “Buy” of CROC Volume: $ 100,000

  • 1% Reward for Refferers: 1% of $ 100,000 = $ 1,000

This example illustrates how your earnings can quickly add up as your referrals engage with CrocBot. The more referrals and transactions, the more ETH you can accumulate.

You also have direct access from the interface to the ETH generated through the referral, which you can claim at any time :

And you also have access to the table that compiles all of your referral transactions. You have the ability to track all transactions, their volume, and the fees generated for each one :

How it works for referee?

As a referee who purchases a minimum of 10,000 CROC tokens directly to your ETH address, you’ll receive a valuable bonus. You’ll be granted swarm addresses, opening up new possibilities for you in the airdrop world.

Here’s how it works:

Condition: To be eligible for swarm addresses, you must hold a minimum of 10,000 CROC tokens purchased directly to your ETH address.

Example: Let’s say you’ve been referred by a friend, and you decide to buy 10,000 CROC tokens directly to your ETH address.

Result: You will have 10,000 CROC tokens in your wallet and access to 2 swarm addresses. Remember, it takes 10,000 CROC tokens to unlock each swarm address.

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