What is CrocBot?

CrocBot is a protocol allowing to farm popular airdrops backed by a team of sybil experts. We’re offering “Swarms”, a powerful tool to deploy thousands of addresses to farm according to your own strategy.

What are the CrocBot swarms?

The swarms are the most advanced airdrop farming tool that CrocBot is offering. You will be able to customize your own strategies with the budget, amount of addresses, protocols, and action that you wish and launch thousands of addresses to farm the airdrop that you wish. You will be able to export your private keys at all times and transfer your funds back to your original address in one transaction.

Are my funds SAFU?

Your security and control are primordial to us! With CrocBot, your private keys are encrypted and managed to the highest safety standards, granting you ultimate control and top-notch security for your wallets. You will be able to export your private keys at all time and redirect funds to your deposit address in one click.

Which blockchains will CrocBot use for farming?

We’re currently live on ZkSync and are actively integrating LayerZero, Scroll, Linea and Base.

What budget should I plan for?

It’ required to allocate a minimum of 0.05 ETH per farmed address. If you have added a significant number of routines, feel free to allocate slightly more to randomize the amounts for each action.

How can I monitor my farming activity?

All of your actions are accessible from your user dashboard. You can monitor the funding of your addresses in the activity tabs! You can also pause your strategy at any time, resume it, or delete it permanently.

What about Sybil detection?

CrocBot does not make any links between addresses, it is impossible to connect any CrocBot address with each other, and we even add proxies connection to avoid being tracked by RPCs.

How long does it take for the strategy to start farming?

To prevent detection and simulate an organic activity, the funds will be deposited and bridged within 24-48 hours. The exact status of the funding can be checked in /activity on the dashboard.

How can I edit my strategy?

Editing a strategy is straightforward. To do this, simply go to your CrocBot user dashboard, click on "Swarm" in the left column, select the strategy you want to modify, and a "edit strategy" section will be presented to you. You will have the ability to modify all the actions within your strategy (except ETH amount)

How to export the farming address private key?

To do this, simply go to your CrocBot user dashboard, click on "Swarm" in the left column. You'll have an overview of all your swarm addresses, and there's a small export icon you can click on to export your private key.

What about withdrawal of ETH deposited ?

You always retain full control of your funds and have the option to initiate withdrawals directly from the manage strategy page. It's essential to exercise caution, as withdrawing your funds will likely render your addresses ineligible for the airdrop by linking them. Therefore, it's advisable to consider this action after you've received the airdrop, should you decide to proceed.

Referral Program : How it works?

As a referrer, you have the opportunity to earn ETH by referring others to the CrocBot platform. For every “buy” transaction made by your referrals, you’ll receive 1% of the total CROC token volume they purchase. As a referee who purchases a minimum of 10,000 CROC tokens directly to your ETH address, you’ll receive a valuable bonus. You’ll be granted swarm addresses, opening up new possibilities for you in the airdrop world.

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